Conceptos básicos de agronomía

Learning Spanish

In this learning material you will learn how to use the infinitive and gerund in Spanish and its day-to-day use. Also, you will learn new vocabulary and basic verbs in order to describe agricultural related subjects. Previous knowledge: Not required - Duration: 25 min

English (A1) for Agronomists

This lesson will allow you to become familiar with basic vocabulary, related to roots and tubers, as well as the grammatical concepts of count and noncount nouns. Previous knowledge: Not required - Duration: 15 min

Applied Calculus for Agricultural Sciences

With this micromodule you will learn the mathematical concept of derivative calculus and how to calculate it with technological tools. Previous knowledge: Handling Functions and Algebraic Expressions and Polynomial Equations - Duration: 30 min

Growth of a Short Cycle Crop

Upon completing this micromodule, you will have the ability to recognize the tools necessary for measuring crop growth. Previous knowledge: Not required - Duration: 45 min
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