• Our Programs

    Basic Concepts of Agricultural Sciences

    The program is designed by experts in the field and uses innovative technologies to provide an optimal learning experience on basic concepts of agriculture, soil types, crop management, and others.

    Fundamentals Applied to Agriculture

    Explore, participate and experiment in a virtual environment that resembles the real life in a farm, doing fertilization and irrigation calculations, soil management and much more.

    Sustainable Production and Renewable Energies

    Discover the practices of organic agriculture, soil conservation, water management, renewable energies, and its application in agriculture.

    Precision Agriculture and Technological Tools

    In this program we make use of new precision technologies in order to maximize agricultural yield in crop monitoring, data analysis and automation.

    Animal Production

    Discover the techniques and practices of nutrition and care of livestock and poultry. Our virtual farm provides the opportunity to experiment with different methods and tools in a controlled environment.


    The agribusiness program constitutes a crucial discipline in the economic and productive field, merging knowledge of the agricultural sector and business management. This category provides tools and strategies to optimize the profitability and sustainability of businesses related to agriculture.

    You can also access our programs from our Android and iOS applications. Download them here!

    We are e-Learning by Doing

    A new virtual learning model created by EARTH University, where we take advantage of new technologies to develop a collaborative virtual learning environment.

    With the joint work of our faculty and experts in e-Learning, we have created innovative, accessible and immersive learning micromodules that will allow you to acquire skills in agricultural issues, sustainable production and renewable energies in a very short time.

    In our Virtual Farm, users will have access to micromodules (approximately 15 minutes each lesson) with specialized topics in the agricultural sector that will help learners to be part of the leaders that contribute to the development of a more prosperous and just society.

    Who is this program for?

    The target audience of e-Learning by Doing are people interested in agriculture. Specifically in the fundamentals of agriculture, renewable energies, technological tools in agriculture and sustainable production. We classify our audience into three groups:


    If you are a student, the e-Learning by Doing program offers you numerous advantages, including the flexibility to access content and perform activities at your own pace, testing your skills in a virtual environment that resembles real life on a farm. We offer you an innovative, accessible, and flexible learning experience with high quality materials and the opportunity to apply what you are learning.


    If you are a professor, the e-Learning by Doing program offers numerous advantages. This technology will facilitate greater outreach when teaching, or using programs and materials to complement face-to-face classes. This program will offer your students an innovative and flexible learning experience, with access to interactive content.

    Graduates and Leaders in the Agricultural Sector

    If you are a graduate in Agricultural Sciences or a professional in the agricultural sector, some of the ways in which you can benefit from the program are: access to specialized knowledge and skills in the field of agriculture, application of new agricultural and technological practices that contribute to increase efficiency and productivity in the field. This tool will provide new technical knowledge to improve production processes, in a simulated virtual education environment.

    Virtual Farm

    In our Virtual Farm, you will have the opportunity to put your knowledge into practice in a virtual environment that simulates the activities and challenges faced on a farm. You will be able to explore the different aspects of agriculture, from the basic fundamentals to the latest trends in technology and sustainability.


    Click on the button to download the file:


    Click on the button to download the file:

    Our micromodules are designed to provide you with an innovative and experiential education, with a focus on relevant concepts and applications in agriculture.

    We promote the use of renewable energies, as well as the use of technological tools and precision agriculture.

    In addition, our program can be accesed by anyone, without the need for an internet connection; the Program is designed to be inclusive and adaptable to the needs of each user.

    Upon completion of the program, you will be able to apply all your knowledge and skills in agriculture, either as a producer, teacher or leader in the sector.

    Innovative and Accessible Micromodules!

    e-Learning by Doing’s Learning Model

    To craft a distinctive learning experience for our users, we've leveraged our face-to-face educational model and seamlessly integrated it into our online learning approach. This integration incorporates the following key elements:


    This program offers an experiential learning experience through virtual simulations that resemble real life on a farm. You will have the opportunity to explore, participate and experiment through different activities in a controlled environment, which will allow you to develop your skills and knowledge in a practical and effective way.


    This program is designed for people with disabilities and adapts to different needs by allowing you to access content from mobile devices and from anywhere, with or without an internet connection, and by making use of audiovisual materials that provide an interactive learning experience.


    We have created communication channels so that you can interact and share with other users of our virtual farm in real time, thus contributing to the development of new skills and knowledge.


    We put at your disposal the latest in virtual learning technologies to provide you with a unique experience in innovative technological tools and resources (Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, among others), which will allow you to develop skills in technology and stay at the forefront of virtual learning.


    We do data analysis to understand the behavior of users on our platforms and make informed decisions to achieve our objectives.

    Introducing EARTH Farm Labs, a unique learning experience where your knowledge and skills will be tested in an environment that simulates the challenges of a real farm. Download EARTH Farm Labs from your official store now!

    This program and all materials were created by EARTH University in collaboration with Mastercard Foundation.